Volunteer street cleaners in Todmorden

What’s happening in Tod?

Welcome to our blog page, where you can find out more about what we do and some of the group’s highlights over the past few months. There’s so much going on in Tod and it’s all here. 

Devastating floods in Todmorden brought by Storm Ciara 2020

Devastating floods in Todmorden

Afan Zakullah tells us how the Tod street clean-up went.

Tod has always been my home and it’s important to me that it looks nice. But on the morning of the Tod street clean-up, which was also a Sunday, I woke up to heavy rain. It was probably the worst day to clean Tod’s streets!

Munawar Hussain recalls being one of the first Asians in Tod.

Ever since I moved to Tod in 1967, all I’ve found is friendly and welcoming people.

Zenab Nisah tells us why she loves living in multicultural Tod.

Zenab Nisah is an active member of Tod’s women’s mosque group. Here she talks about life in Tod and Integrate Tod’s work.